Test Access Switching Solutions

There are a number of solutions for copper and fibre test access. Our company's strength is our ability to innovate and create optimal solutions at lightning speed - as we often half jokingly say, "in less time than it takes our competitors to review their mission statements!".

Our area of expertise covers a wide range of disciplines including analogue and digital electronics, mathematics, software, mechanical and production engineering and has recently been extended to cover civil engineering.

Today we have over 40 employees in the UK and France with the majority directly focussed on R&D and a turnover of 20 million Euros. All manufacturing and installation of our solutions is carried out by European subcontractors under our direct control. Unusually, this commercial success has been achieved purely through organic growth and internal reinvestment without outside financial support.

We can show you working solutions and the buisness benefits they offer.

Please contact us for further information, advice or guidance.